Spittal Brook 2

Lovely to see the pub reopened but that’s where the good news ends.

A pub known for its guest beer now has none: 4 standard bland mass produced Marston’s offerings

Well, I won’t be using it as a local: I like the fact there would be something new every time I went in.

Busy last night, full of reps spouting their usual bollo ‘look what we’ve done’ not mentioning once it was their management that got it closed for 10 months!

Once a yearers, the xmas crew, filled the place. Be interesting to see how many are in on a wet Thursday night in January….none will be the answer.

The 2 or 3 old locals I saw were drinking lager or guinness, when usual discussions about beer filled the bar.

All in all, very sad. I hope it works because I like Tim and Jan, the landlords but good local pubs run on beer and sadly Marstons multinational sewerage isn’t what it was.

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