Yesterday evening, we had to say goodbye to Alf. What on Friday looked like a simple infection was most probably kidney failure. His breathing was shallow so we got him to the vets as quick as we could. Sadly the vet told us his core temperature was 5 degrees below normal and his organs were shutting down. Alf was Alf, still purring away but sadly there was nothing to be done for him. The vet told us he would only last a few more hours and would be in pain so it was an easy decision to make. Goodbye you lovely ginger loopcake cat. We only had your love for just over a year but in that time you had wrapped yourselves around our now broken hearts. Run free again our stinky, raggy, hair lipped moggy. You were a one off. Goodbye dear friend x

I just went to feed the other cats and saw his special treats because of his mouth. Floods of tears again for all those wonderful times.

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